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RamseyTrusted Pro

We are proud to be among the few Realtors in the country who have been vetted and chosen by the Ramsey Team! The Ramsey Team thoroughly researches to find the best providers in each area. Only the top 10% of real estate agents nationwide are even considered for the program.

RamseyTrusted Pros receive personalized coaching and accountability from the Ramsey Solutions team. Holding the RamseyTrusted shield means we are held to the highest standards of service.

What is an Endorsed Local Provider (RamseyTrusted Pro)? RamseyTrusted Pros are thoroughly vetted professionals that are held to a high standard of professionalism and excellence in their field.  They must have the heart of a servant and the knowledge of a teacher not a salesperson.  Whether it’s a your first home or your 5th investment property, buying a home is likely the largest financial investment you will ever make.  It’s important to choose a real estate consultant who will listen to your needs and guide you through this important financial decision to keep your investment and your capital safe.

What Does it Mean to be an RamseyTrusted Pro? RamseyTrusted Pros…

  • have demonstrated their commitment to Dave Ramsey’s principles of financial responsibility and stewardship
  • are considered reputable and trustworthy professionals
  • are held to a higher standard of customer service and to Dave Ramsey’s Team
Why Should You Hire a RamseyTrusted Pro?

  • Expertise: RamseyTrusted Pros have demonstrated a high level of expertise in their field and their market.
  • Trustworthiness: RamseyTrusted Pros meet strict criteria to be a part of the program including a good reputation, financial stability, and excellent customer service.
  • Financial Advice: since RamseyTrusted Pros are vetted financially, they will have a good understanding of finances and can advise you accordingly.
  • Personalized Service: RamseyTrusted Pros are local providers which means they are experts in the area you are looking in.
  • Access to Resources: RamseyTrusted Pros have access to Ramsey resources.
  • Reduced Stress: RamseyTrusted Pros are there to serve and make the process less stressful and more enjoyable.


Who is Dave Ramsey? Dave Ramsey is the premier voice in the personal money-management space. He is a national radio talk show host, television host, podcast host and New York Times best-selling author many times over. Dave Ramsey has hRamseyTrusted Proed millions of people get out of debt and build wealth. He is known as a voice of financial wisdom.

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